Thursday, August 14, 2014


Here are my top 4 items from the recent Lace Just Got Prettier collection of Dahlia. Some of the items are available at Girly Rose Tokyo (here) such as the Phoebe Contrast Peter Pan Collar Top and Skirt. The minute I saw it, I just knew I want to have it.  Ahhh dreaming, dreaming! 

When someone ask about my style, I couldn't really answer directly cause it just changes every single time but I believe my natural state would always be "girly". No matter how hard I try to alter it, it will always go back to it's original form. Imagine when I tried school girl grunge look, people will still say it's cute! Things we can't control, yea? It's summer vacation in Japan now so as you've noticed I got loads of time to blog. Let me know how's your summer so far? I wish you all an amazing one!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



One secret that I want to share with everyone is how conscious I am with my thighs. If you've noticed, I rarely wear shorts, pants or anything that will emphasize it. I know it's kind of silly but I'm sure many of you could relate to this insecurity. Girls will be girls. Growing up, I always had a pair of chicken legs as what they call it but when I got a little bit older I gained fats. Thus, my body shape now. Since I'm used to being thin, it's kind of hard for me to admit that I'm having a shape. I don't have a straight body, I have curves. I don't hate it but I don't like it that much either. Lots of women works really hard to have that kind of curvy body but as always we like what we don't have. Thanks to clothing technology, I could easily hide this part of me that I don't like and it doesn't really matter. Unless someone really wants see my thighs, duh. Slowly, I'm starting to love it because of Beyonce and how she rocks that booty. However, it will take time (or forever) for me to flaunt it. How 'bout you? Mind to share your story?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I've been luckily gifted by Mimiclaire Sweets this decoden (deco = short for decorated, den = short for denwa/ phone in Japanese). Ahhh I love it so much that I haven't removed it from my iPhone 5 since I got it! It's personalized as you can see everything is coloured light blue (my current favourite colour) and it has ASHLEY on it. Yay! There has been a growing trend of decoden ever since. Other countries have a lot of catching up to do perhaps! What I really like about it is of course it's personalized. No one can ever have the same decoden as mine. Second, you have full control on what it will look like. I like mine light blue with macarons and cats! Third, it's a great conversation starter. Who could ignore this cuteness? Let me know what you think lovelies!

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Monday, August 11, 2014


Snidel dressed up the girls of The Like for a shoot at The Paramore Estate on a top of a hill in California. Snidel really went a long way from their little store in Harajuku in 2005. Today, they have stores everywhere in Japan and one of the best girly kawaii brands out there. 

The Story of The Like and Snidel started last October when Snidel flew them to Japan to play for a fashion show. I wasn't able to watch it but I bet it's awesome. Through Snidel, I found out about The Like and I'm automatically a fan. When a brand you love decided to support something, I guess everything else follows. 

With music, polaroid and fashion, what else could you wish for?

This video is amazeballs! I've always dreamt of making something like this. 

And if I'm not into fashion, I would definitely be in a girl band. Haha! In my wildest dreams.. Speaking of dreams.. One day, I'll be collaborating with Snidel. FIGHT!

Sunday, August 10, 2014



Q: What is/are the dress code/s for Kawaii in Manila 2?
A: Three C’s: Casual (at the least), comfortable, cute. In accordance with our goal to spread kawaii all around, we encourage attendees to wear something that will express their love for (the) kawaii (lifestyle).
We also advice everyone to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in! (。・ω・。)


Q: I’m new to the kawaii culture and I don’t think I have a “kawaii” outfit. Can I still come?
A: Yes, of course! We’re sure you’ll learn a lot about the kawaii fashion on the event~ You might even get an idea of what kawaii fashion style will suit you best! (*^ワ^*) In the mean time, just dress up with what makes you happy and comfortable, (then maybe start taking notes!)

Read more about Dress Code F.A.Q. via! I scanned back my outfits before to look for some posts to guide you and here are some of my most casual, comfortable and cutest outfits just in case you need it:

1. You can start with skater skirts in cute prints. My print of choice would be cats, of course! Japanese people love cats so much and I therefore conclude anything with cats on it is automatically labeled as kawaii!

2. Pink hair, don't care. For those who love cosplay and want to tone down their looks. You can try this! Wear your usual wig and skip the whole costume. Don't know what to wear with your coloured hair? Get more style inspiration via
3. Fairy kei is my most favourite Japanese subculture! I just love pastel colors, you can easily try this by matching two pieces of pastel-coloured garments.
4. Black and white with a hint of kawaii. Who says black and white can't be cute? 
5. If you're a fan of Angel Amo, Risa Nakamura and LARME style, I'm sure you'll like this look. Currently Risa Doll is into Dahlia Fashion and coincidentally I'm wearing a dress by them!  
6. Neo gal brands like Emoda, Murua, and other Runway Webstore brands are the way to go casual glam and still cute.

I hope you like this simple guide! If you are inspired by any of these looks, please tag me!