Friday, April 25, 2014


I want this macaron pillow! I cry forever for not being able to have it! I didn't see it aside from the display either they were not selling it or it's already sold out. Help me find it?

キキララ x Carebears (plus IKEA? Hahaha! Who doesn't have this lamp?)

Something that suits my room perfectly. 

What a dream! On the surface, I'm really enjoying my life here. Going to events like this makes me feel really fortunate that I'm living close to Tokyo just how I wanted. Dreams do come true but yet again, dreams could change.

Kiki and Lala are definitely one of my favourite characters. I have many, I can't pick among them but I know what and who I don't like. Lala is really, really cute for me. She's the quintessential Harajuku kawaii in my opinion. One day, one day I'll bleach my hair and dye it pink. I kept on saying that. Or maybe, I'll just get a wig. Much easier! Apparently, I never grow up. 



Mei めい said...

Do you change your blog layout?
Everything is so cute!! <3 <3
I also want pink hair but I don't want to bleach my hair! ><

MizzJ said...

Such a cute store!