Friday, May 2, 2014


"Three times around the moon then off to a Star-lake party."

You must try this Lala café latte! You can also have Kiki latte art on top. "All you need is love and coffee." We couldn't agree more! It tasted so good as well! Hurry! Hope you could visit before the next collaboration at THE GUEST café and diner.

I live for lights/ceiling like these/this.

These are the gifts I received from Carey and Rexcy. I love them!

Happy birthday to me! Justin surprised me with a bouquet and a note. I'm really touched since I didn't expect to receive anything at all. He's in the Philippines right now so when he asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I honestly answered "happiness" and then there, I got it. 

Anyway, my friends and I went to Kiki Lala Café at Shibuya Parco not to celebrate my birthday but just to simply hangout. Good thing THE GUEST café and diner collaborated with Kiki Lala thus we are able to enjoy some kawaii food! I'm so happy we are also able drop by at Kiki Lala X Carebears exhibit before it was over and I just visited Sanrio Puroland a few weeks ago! Now I really think that I'm living in KAWAII, KAWAII, KAWAII world. It's so surreal!

"Join us and dress in your finest!"

Kiki &Lala Café
Launch Date: Friday, March 21st, 2014
Location: THE GUEST café & diner, 7F, Shibuya PARCO Part 1 building
Opening hours: 11am untill late (last food order 10pm, last drink order 10:30pm)


Momopodo said...

Love the photos! It makes me want to be there! Theres a really warm vibe to the cafe that I feel. Warm without being too chic and then theres the adorable coffee designs! How cute ^^

Hanie said...

I've been seeing many people talking bout this cafe. :D My friend went there during her trip to Tokyo last month too. I'm not a fan of Kiki Lala but the place looks really cozy and I love the pastel decors! <3

Krys said...

Ah~ This cafe seems so lovely, very calming. It sounds like you had a memorable/enjoyable time spending time there, yay! Thanks for sharing xx